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Most cats enjoy the freedom of moving around, Nike Air Max 90hate to be constrained in a narrow environment. However, Russia has a very special cat's habit, always like to squeeze into the glass jar.

According to foreign media reports, the only female cat Ming Jiaoke off Lisa, Colorado, according to the owner through introduction of a new born kitten when pushed closed space like the inside, one day she heard an unusual sound kitchen , ran over to see the results could not believe their eyes - the grams of whole body off of Shakespeare drill yard glass jars.  Nike Air Max 93

俄小猫嗜好独特 爱钻玻璃罐子众人称奇(图)

Lufthansa pushed off like kittens gram jar

In fact, at the beginning it is a special cat, very naughty cute, always like to hide in different places. But do not worry about grams off of Shakespeare s hard to squeeze into the jar,   Nike Air Max 87or can not climb out. The caliber of the bottle for the kitten, it does not seem a big problem.

According to Web of Science ( to understand, Do not look at this hairy little guy seems crowded in the pot could not move, in fact, it does not feel uncomfortable. From the outside perspective, it seems difficult to come out, but in fact it does not look so great, simply because it's the hair too much. So maybe it is not narrow the bottle.

Early last year, the owner began to g off Colorado Shakespeare through take pictures and send to the network, this Funny cat like because it is such a strange hobby, has now swept the network.   Nike Air Max 2010

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Mercredi 23 février 3 23 /02 /Fév 02:40

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (Donald Rumsfeld) has criticized Barack Obama for U.S. president,Nike Air Max Lightsaying it should stop constantly to make an apology on behalf of the United States. He also said Obama did nothing, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Reported that Donald Rumsfeld recently accepted an interview with CNN, when asked about Obama took office, reversing it, led by President George W. Bush in the U.S. image in the world, he replied "no , there is no evidence to support this claim. I think he always apologized on behalf of the United States, Nike Air Max Tailwind I am rather proud of the United States. "

For 2009, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, Donald Rumsfeld that it was his hope in people, rather than what he has achieved success. Rumsfeld said: "When Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, he also did not yield any success. This award is given to him purely out of hope to his people, and not any of the things he did."

Nike Air Max Skyline It is reported that the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama acknowledged that a U.S. president only a few months later to honor, he felt he should not receive this honor. Obama said: "I made this decision the Nobel Committee was very surprised, I must admit that this award does not recognize my achievements, but the people of the United States on behalf of the world's affirmation of the spirit."

Rumsfeld in the latest memoir, "known and unknown" (Known and Unknown), the Secretary of Defense for his time as the Bush administration made to justify a number of controversial decisions, includin Nike Air Max Ltdg his war in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to establish anti-terrorism Prison role of decision-making process.

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Mardi 22 février 2 22 /02 /Fév 02:25

Latest polls show the United States, from 2008 to 2010, Nike Air Max 180 the state Democratic Party firmly supports the ruling party reduced from 30 to 14, so that the Democratic Party ticket bunker dropped more than half in two years.

Initiated by the authorities Gallup survey showed strong support for the Democratic Party in 2008 over 30 states, the Democrats in these states support for the Republican Party at least 10 percentage points ahead,   Nike Air Max 87but then the ticket bunker began to drain down until the year 2010 14, "shrunk" by more than half.

The loss of the state Democratic Party, 9 states into the state tend to support the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party's leadership has been less than 10 percentage points, but still higher than 5 percentage points; six states to "swing states", that is Democratic and Republican support for a difference of less than 5 percentage points, while New Hampshire Republicans were "defection" from the Democrats   Nike Air Max 2010tend to support the Republican ticket bunker into the state.

As for the two parties not to shake the ticket bunker, firm support of the Democratic Party is still concentrated in the northeastern states, including Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, etc., firmly supports the Republican Party is concentrated in the central and western states, including Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

According to Gallup introduced, since the relevant investigation was launched in 2008, the agency interviewed in the two years 50 states throughout the United States more than 35 million adults, were asked about their party ownership.   Nike Air Max 2003If the respondents said they are moderate or non-partisan, they will be further asked tend to support the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

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Lundi 21 février 1 21 /02 /Fév 04:24
A is used to detect the crowd from the surrounding population algorithm suspected by the U.S. Department of Computer Science University of Notre Dame, Indiana,Nike Air Max Skyline the comrades fiddle out, and in the future as long as the suspects returned to the crime scene after committing the crime, he is likely to be detected.

This detection method uses facial recognition software video from the scene of the crowds will be identified each person, and then extract the facial features (video is dynamic,  Nike Air Structure Triax can be extracted from more information than static images). These facial features into a database and compared'll be able to know exactly who the crowd surrounding the crime scene on the enthusiasm of God to the suspect. The most important point is: this method can be applied to almost all video! Whether closed-circuit monitor, mobile phone or shoot down the masses to get Internet video transmission, detection can be used.

In fact, we do not worry, this method should only really no clue it is brought out with use,  Nike Air Max Turbulence after all, not every criminal has come back after the crowd after finishing the habit. Besides, the people are not killing me, afraid of? But having said that, even if the person is a soft pillow, and do not crowd too ... ... if the police see that each murder has a faint smile goes your big face, there is no guarantee you will not have some unnecessary character ideas.

# I remember someone sent me a boring map map, is a seemingly ubiquitous dog? I wonder if this method can not detect a dog face  Nike Air Max TN
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Mercredi 16 février 3 16 /02 /Fév 05:02

Competition in the Woods.

Had a worse in the years after 2010, Manolo Blahnik D'Orsays  Tiger. Woods certainly hope to have a positive start this year. But according to foreign reports, the former world number one golfer in the Dubai Desert Classic for the final round of chaos everywhere spitting in trouble again.

Occurred in 13, Woods at the Emirates Golf Club 12th hole after missing a par putt, spit out a clot of phlegm.

Tournament director Stewart said that in examining the incident,Sandales Manolo Blahnik he thought Woods violated the code of conduct, he will be fine, but the amount of fines were not disclosed.

Woods was spitting game to the television cameras captured after being widely disseminated. He subsequently apologized on Twitter, "(spitting behavior) I have not had the brain, I want to say I'm sorry."

Currently, Woods has not won 17 consecutive games, this is his golf career,Yves Saint Laurent the worst results of a European Tour regular basis.

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