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November 25, in North Korea air jordan MELO M5County hoechang Pyongan Martyrs Chinese People's Volunteers, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il presented the wreath placed at the tomb Anying. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Zhanshe

November 25, Anying 60th anniversary of the martyrs sacrificed. 100 km from Pyongyang, North Korea hoechang County CPV martyrs cemetery a solemn, vice chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission Kim Yong Chun plays handsome, president of the DPRK-China Friendship Association, health care phase Choi Chang-sik,Air Yeezy shoes the Chinese ambassador to the DPRK Liu was a line, and the Chinese TV drama " Anying "North Korean crew members and hundreds of local people gathered here, held a grand memorial ceremony to commemorate the heroic son of two peoples.

Stone bust of the martyr Anying as before, placed the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il presented in Huang Baiju Flower circle. Korean People's Army military band played the national anthems of China and the DPRK. Qu Bi, people bowed silence, buried here so deep mourning Anying Chinese People's Volunteers martyr.

Ambassador Liu said that only 60 years ago, China and the DPRK military and civilian joint operations against foreign aggression, with their blood to defend justice and peace. Today is an excellent representative of volunteer martyrs sacrificed Anying 60th anniversary, we are here to cherish the memory of martyrs, is to forget history and the future, to create peace, prosperity and development of the world and work.

Solemn music in the deep, on behalf of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il Kim Yong Chun, vice chairman of the WPK Central Military Commission and the Korean people Jin Zhengen Ministry of force laid a wreath to the tomb Anying. The ribbon on the wreath says "Comrade Mao Anying immortal." Kim Yong Chun said sub-commander, GeneralAir Jordan True Flight Secretary Kim Jong Il highly Anying internationalist and revolutionary heroism. Chairman Mao Zedong sent his son to the Korean War, soldiers and volunteers with the blood shed in defense of peace, which the Korean people will never forget.

November 25, in North Korea County hoechang Pyongan Martyrs Chinese People's Volunteers, participants who pay homage to the DPRK and China silence to pay tribute to the martyrs tomb Anying.

Earlier, China and the DPRK held a series of activities to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the expense Anying. 24, the Chinese TV series "Anying" CD-ROM presentation ceremony held at Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang, North Korean Deputy Prime Minister Kang-soo attended the ceremony, his film crew to China to express my sincere thanks. He said that in the Korean War 60 years ago, including many Chinese, including Mao Anying outstanding sons and daughters to fight heroically in Korea, given their precious lives, the Korean people will never forget. "Anying" crew of the delegation, producer Zouxiao mention that the TV series "Anying" broadcast in China to have a tremendous social repercussions, touched many viewers, he hopes to convey the film and television works the friendly Chinese people feelings, to consolidate and develop China-DPRK traditional friendship.

24, the afternoon in Pyongyang KoreanAir Jordan Spizikes Central Broadcasting Commission held Datong door theater "Anying" premiere screening of the series trailers, hundreds of North Korean spectators attended the ceremony. Watch trailers in the process, many viewers moved to tears, especially to see the final scenes of sacrifice Anying, many in the audience began to cry. A Korean audience, told reporters: by watching trailers, I feel more deeply the friendship between China and the DPRK is cemented in blood, Anying sacrifice in Korea, his spirit will forever remainair Jordan Trunner Q4 in our hearts

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Air Jordan 16Was told that a terminal illness and only three months of life, but was told that after eight weeks of misdiagnosis - British comedian Dave. Ismail absolutely should be the fate of their own ups and downs feel lucky, in addition to his column in order to complete their out of the "Bucket List", has almost run out of savings.AIR JORDAN 15.5 According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on 22, not long ago was told he got serious as alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver, has no time for a long time, 64-year-old British comedian Dave. Ismail is sad is confused : He has never had alcohol ah? But he bounced back up, and imitate Hollywood "Bucket List", but also to Air Jordan 15 themselves out a "dead must be done before the N-things" list. The list includes 3-year-old grandson with his Villa Park to play the K Club in Ireland such as the simple desire to play golf, but also has a brand new Mercedes-Benz cars and play dumb comedy scene. Ismail live frugally to survive in the 2.6 million pounds (about 276,000 yuan) savings to buy a new car take it, "I know is very expensive, but think I have to die anyway, I'll die comfortable point. "Ismail said. UGG sheepskin boots 5469Unexpectedly, eight weeks later, doctors found that the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver is wrong, Ismail suffered only incurable hereditary hemochromatosis, there is no death. However, Ismail said, and will not give up the "Bucket List", he has a lot to be done, for example, travel to Australia with his wife. UGG Gypsy Sandal

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UGG Gypsy SandalHenan Xun County, a 19-year-old rural girl Zheng Guigui, just like ordinary people do not born the same time, her right hand without fingers. However, the hand of disability Zheng Guigui has on its own strong will, good hand piano trained to become the school's most outstanding pianist. 22 vocational secondary schools in Xun County, the reporter saw the excellent pianist Zheng Guigui. She told reporters that in 2008, a chance she was exposed to the piano, flew to deeply obsessed with. "In fact, the beginning is not interested,UGG Sheepskin Women's 5512 just curious, then slowly exposed to the piano, feeling piano can play to my heart," Zheng Guigui said. Piano, for a people without fingers, is an extravagant dream. In the course of piano, Zheng Guigui usually spend several times more than average time to practice. In addition to practicing with classmates of the time, she also put the students time to rest and play, used in practicing on their own, so that their students need time to rest to catch up to them. When practicing in trouble, Zheng ugg Slippers 1688Guigui will set goals to urge their hope that their efforts could change the family. Over the years, she has not given up the dream of playing. Fourth grade in elementary school, Zheng Guigui has encountered since the right-hand man disabled students laugh, it makes sense and has the same Zheng Guigui other students begin to create a psychological sense of inferiority.air jordan 2010 Since then, the carefree gradually become not so in love with her smile. Till we see the piano, she began inferiority confidence. "Zheng Guigui is definitely not a simple need for compassion and charity, she need to have dignity in her own hard work and labor to harvest the fruits of their own deserve." In the eyes of the piano teacher JIANG Wei, Zheng Guigui has always been a the sun, hard work, stronger girl.Air Jordan 2009 And, he hopes there are more professional and better parties can accept, accommodate Zheng Guigui, let her in a better environment and atmosphere inside to continue their piano dreams. Now Zheng Guigui, does not mind if others look at her eyes, she wished she was admitted to a better university, in the university can continue to learn their favorite piano, playing the melody with the piano and write a song of their own the United States movement.Air Jordan 22

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UGG Classic Mini 5854Nowadays, many elderly people coming back from work like other children, reunion dinner, the children have time to work in five or six points, to be home after dinner to seven or eight o'clock. Distressed parents of the children will prepare a hard day dinner to reward the children of expatriate lifestyle, chicken fish eggs which are no less. But this lifestyle is not conducive to the health of the elderly. UGG Metallic Short 5842 First of all, the human body into old age, digestion of food were declining trend. Nightlife and relatively few elderly people, usually seven to eight points after the meal, will not go to bed at ten. The two hours can not digest the food thoroughly. Therefore, some old people will feel after going to bed belly bulge, chest blockage and other symptoms. Water to digest quickly and sometimes at night need to get up in the night to urinate two or three times, the old man's sleep will naturally not good. Second, eat dinner late,Air Jordan 18 can lead to stones. Calcium supplement for human food in the digestive process, part of the body to absorb calcium, the other part is excreted with the urine. Excretion of calcium in the body after eating the peak time is four to five hours. If you eat dinner late and sleep soon after eating is much negative. Because the body is in sleep state, blood flow is slow, the blood calcium concentration increases. High concentration of calcium in urine, after a long retention and easy deposits, will become calcium stones. Finally, eat too late, too rich for the elderly cardiovascular vulnerable Air Jordan 17is not a small challenge. According to the proportion of healthy eating, dinner should eat less. But seven or eight o'clock at night to eat, this time in a state of starvation, they will be eating more. About having dinner for the long-term cardiovascular health is not good. Therefore, experts suggest older dinner sure to eat before 7, Air Jordan 16so as to use the time for a walk after dinner, activities, activities to digest some of the food and more. As for the reunion dinner and the children, consider the weekend break, this way, without affecting the enjoyment of the family health. AIR JORDAN 15.5

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UGG Gypsy Sandal "Nervous breakdown type", "fraud-type", "street money Barber-type" ... ... Jiangxia II campus in the publicity field, the 12 men and women hand-painted map of Abnormal hair neatly arranged in one, not only painting was quite naive, The name of the classification of hair is for many students feelAir Jordan 21 "very shocking."

Not long ago, two members of the public see Mr Liu in Jiangxia school bulletin boards to post a "bad hair Daquan campus." 12 poor boys and girls hand-painted map neatly arranged hair which was quite naive painting, at first glance thought it was high school students graffiti exhibition.
Air Jordan 22 More "Ray" is the school of hair that was the name of these, such as "nervous breakdown type", "fraud-type", and "self-made 'cross-eye' type disfigured type", "adult women aging-type" "stray hair type money", etc. (see right).

Xiaoliao think, "hair of the teacher is indeed
UGG Classic Cardy 5819 in place, does cover a lot of high school students currently popular hairstyle." But he believes that in the school bulletin boards on display in this way, "bad hair school", people feel "very serious."

Office of the Wu Jiang Xia II, said in September
Air Jordan 23 this year, new semester, the school set the panels, display panels are from the legend on the hair of a post on the Internet to download, display purpose is to enable students to strictly abide by the "Student Code of Practice. " Wu said, "Since the show a bad haircut, the students could not help to control their own hair, bad hair once and detached themselves feel embarrassed, the school than ever to take the simple didactic approach useful." Panels on billboards The theme and content will be  UGG Classic Short 5825 replaced from time to time.

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