Asian American mainstream had decorated the Christmas activities in an atmosphere of no less innovative

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Ugg Classic Argyle Knit"Color Hotel" Christmas party two hosts "Roles": white Kanghong Xi (left) speak Chinese, Chinese Li-Jun Zhou (right) speak English.

. (United States, "World News" / Li Daming Photography)

BEIJING, Dec. 22 according to Xinhua, "World News" reported that Christmas is approaching, decorated everywhere in the streets of San Diego, buzz can be heard ringing. The atmosphere of the Chinese community does not lose the mainstream, going into the activities follow. Chinese Service Center of Santa Claus appear yellow, green Chinese side would say monster "cell leap Chi" (Grinch) passed between the compatriots happy. "Chinese Friends" Club also co-organized get-together with other ethnic groups to meet theUGG Bailey Button Tripletfestive season.

Cathy Hsu, former chairman of the Chinese Association Po lawyers and their foreign husband Alfred (Dennis Avery), founded by the Chinese Service Center, 18 in the newly acquired "San Diego Chinese School" Christmas Party was held and invite the local University of California (UCSD), State University (SDSU), National University (NU) and the Community College of the Chinese students and scholars to dinner.

The spacious lobby decorated with Chinese schools festive lanterns, led by assistant Cathy Hsu Po bought all kinds of Chinese and Western dishes, so that young people eat eat. She personally put that tray to each table for drinks. Alfred is dressed as Santa Claus, a photo with the guests one by one, overwhelmedUgg Ultra Tall bottes. Posing as "grid leap Chi" is the former Chinese Vice HUANG Bing Thomson Hall, I saw him walking through the crowd at the shuttle, the non-stop gifts. Sent both small and headdress, chocolate, and its own species of sponge gourd, vegetable, people laughing.

Fifth Street in downtown San Diego, has a Chinese character "color" in the name of the newly opened Hotel (Se Hotel). The local "Chinese Friends" club and "National Asian American Professional Association" (NAAAP) fourth floor of the terrace in the hotel organized a Christmas party. "Chinese Friends" responsible person Zhang Xiaoping and NAAAP San Diego Chapter of the Financial Lin Chong Yu (Korean)Ugg bottesintroduced their groups.

Evening by the U.S. white Kanghong Xi (Todd Cornell) and was elected, "Mrs. Santiago" (Mrs. San Diego) of the Li-Jun Zhou co-chair. Interestingly, Kang Hongxi Chinese announcer, Li-Jun Zhou was in English with "role reversal" has brought happy results. "Vocal fans Association" amateur singer Lu Zhiqin impromptu sing Chinese flavor of the song "Old Beijing" and won applause. Painter Wu Zhuo Fan, Miao Yanping Deng also bring in their own works of art, delivered on-site "silent auction."

San Diego's community leaders Huang Lili, Fujia Kang, Zhu Peide, etc., attended Ugg Ultra Short bottesthe Christmas Party of the field.






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