British scientists say created the first genetically modified chickens against avian flu

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British scientists claim to have bred the world by transgenic means the first batchMoncler Bottes of bird flu does not spread the chicken.

The team in the "Science" magazine published an article that their results show that the creation of a variety of anti-viral livestock and poultry is entirely possible.

The scientists used method is to cultivate an artificial genes into the chicken, so that the bird flu virus into a tiny part of the chicken cells. Moncler Doudoune HommesThese chickens are infected, but the release of the virus to other poultry harmless.

Scientists believe they have implemented the GM of the chicken and eat the chicken men are harmless.

Scientists say that, in principle, this technique can be used for all poultry and all livestock diseases, and ultimately the development of a completely resist the virus diseases of animals.

Moncler FoulardHowever, the British poultry industry made the news a cautious response. Association of British breeding birds head Brad Nock said food manufacturers may consider using this technology, you need a lot of research to assess the need for long-term impact.

Some of the UK poultry farmers also said that the best way is strictly managed farms, to avoid the sick animals, rather than creating any transgenic animals.

Accordance with British laws, any such use of transgenic technology investment needs approval by the Food Standards Agency Moncler Doudoune Femmes, and this agency must first conduct a comprehensive and rigorous assessment.

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