Case of the former richest man in Russia and Germany countered reputation unacceptable pressure

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December 27, Moscow District Court, the support of Mikhail KhodorkovskyTimberland Oxfords , the public holding posters and shouting slogans, its Mingbu Ping.

28, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the West of trying to former Russian oil major Henghuoduoer Khodorkovsky regarding the second trial, to put pressure on Russia is "unacceptable. "

A day earlier, Funi Ji district court in Moscow Hamo Khodorkovsky announced on the second outcome of the trial. Court Khodorkovsky guilty of embezzlement and money laundering. Although the court did not give penalty in court, but the Russian media after the prosecution presented according to the complaint presumption
 Timberland pour enfants Bottes  jailed Khodorkovsky will be at least 6 years.

When the District Court of Moscow Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once again finds that the offense, the United States and Germany to be criticized for this. The White House statement expressed "serious concern"and criticized Russia's "selective application of justice. " The German government issued a statement saying the ruling was "retrogression. "

In response, Russian Foreign Ministry said: "The attempt to put pressure on the courts is unacceptable. We hope that each country concerned about its own affairs, whether in the
Timberland Prodomestic or international arena should be so. "

For the Western countries that the "use of selective justice, "the Russian Foreign Ministry countered that this claim is "baseless. "

47-year-old Khodorkovsky, 90 in the 20th century with the accumulation of great wealth, the Russian privatization, once more than 300 billion in assets, sometimes called Russia's
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Khodorkovsky was a smash hit with their own great wealth and influence of the criticism of Putin's policies. This is considered Khodorkovsky was the root cause behind bars.

Khodorkovsky was arrested in 2003. In 2005, the first trial of Khodorkovsky verdict received. Court was convicted of fraud and tax evasion conviction, to imprisonment for 8 years. Khodorkovsky's sentence will
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