Chinese oath of citizenship as the New York 6, a member of the U.S. real sense of fun

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Air Jordan 8U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on Veterans Day (Veterans Day), held the day before the citizenship ceremony, people from 24 countries witnessed the 76 immigrants sworn in as citizens, including six Chinese, a large New York culture furnace into the new force.UGG Bailey Button 5803
Naturalization ceremony in Manhattan Federal Memorial Hall (Federal Hall National Memorial) held naturalized citizens and friends of hundreds of new participants. Immigration New York regional director Guo Lan Tiluo (Andrea J. Quarantillo), head of the Federal Memorial Hall Michael Amato, Lead Park Ranger co-chaired the naturalization oath, issue citizenship certificates and shook hands one by one congratulations.Air Jordan 9

Guo Lanti Luo said that this year a total of 22 countries, 11,146 people in the U.S. military force officially became a U.S. citizen, grew 6% over last year, becoming the largest number since 1955 year. She thanked the group defending the country into the ranks Air Jordan 7of new immigrants, at the forefront, to shoulder the responsibility of citizens, but also encouraged on the 10th of the new immigrants to become citizens, nationals of the future obligation to do due diligence.

Huang Guangzhou, China audio from the 24-year-old in 1998, immigrants arrived in the United States with his family in the UGG Wool Classics 5806Manhattan District School (BMCC) to complete their studies, very happy the day the real part of the United States, he laughed and said his interest in art related industries, the current hair stylist are receiving training, the future hope to become a great hair stylist, to help others take care of image.UGG Classic Tall 5815

Yuan Jiaqing from Guangzhou, China, Hong Kong, Chan Yuen-silver, three in Guangdong Taishan Liu Xinli cram citizenship awareness, the three arrived in the U.S. about five to six years of life, the day became a citizen three straight with a smile said "really happy! "

"In the future one can cast their votes," said Yuan Jiaqing happy to become citizens most want to do after the other two suspects have nodded, Chen Wan Yinxi look through their votes elect a good government, as more people services. See the hard-won civil paper, they joked, "to put in his safe was safe."UGG Classic Tall 5812

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