Former U.S. secretary of defense said Obama did not do anything but won the Nobel Prize

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Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (Donald Rumsfeld) has criticized Barack Obama for U.S. president,Nike Air Max Lightsaying it should stop constantly to make an apology on behalf of the United States. He also said Obama did nothing, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Reported that Donald Rumsfeld recently accepted an interview with CNN, when asked about Obama took office, reversing it, led by President George W. Bush in the U.S. image in the world, he replied "no , there is no evidence to support this claim. I think he always apologized on behalf of the United States, Nike Air Max Tailwind I am rather proud of the United States. "

For 2009, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, Donald Rumsfeld that it was his hope in people, rather than what he has achieved success. Rumsfeld said: "When Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, he also did not yield any success. This award is given to him purely out of hope to his people, and not any of the things he did."

Nike Air Max Skyline It is reported that the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama acknowledged that a U.S. president only a few months later to honor, he felt he should not receive this honor. Obama said: "I made this decision the Nobel Committee was very surprised, I must admit that this award does not recognize my achievements, but the people of the United States on behalf of the world's affirmation of the spirit."

Rumsfeld in the latest memoir, "known and unknown" (Known and Unknown), the Secretary of Defense for his time as the Bush administration made to justify a number of controversial decisions, includin Nike Air Max Ltdg his war in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to establish anti-terrorism Prison role of decision-making process.

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