Henan no means the girls will play with pianist trained in life movement

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UGG Gypsy SandalHenan Xun County, a 19-year-old rural girl Zheng Guigui, just like ordinary people do not born the same time, her right hand without fingers. However, the hand of disability Zheng Guigui has on its own strong will, good hand piano trained to become the school's most outstanding pianist. 22 vocational secondary schools in Xun County, the reporter saw the excellent pianist Zheng Guigui. She told reporters that in 2008, a chance she was exposed to the piano, flew to deeply obsessed with. "In fact, the beginning is not interested,UGG Sheepskin Women's 5512 just curious, then slowly exposed to the piano, feeling piano can play to my heart," Zheng Guigui said. Piano, for a people without fingers, is an extravagant dream. In the course of piano, Zheng Guigui usually spend several times more than average time to practice. In addition to practicing with classmates of the time, she also put the students time to rest and play, used in practicing on their own, so that their students need time to rest to catch up to them. When practicing in trouble, Zheng ugg Slippers 1688Guigui will set goals to urge their hope that their efforts could change the family. Over the years, she has not given up the dream of playing. Fourth grade in elementary school, Zheng Guigui has encountered since the right-hand man disabled students laugh, it makes sense and has the same Zheng Guigui other students begin to create a psychological sense of inferiority.air jordan 2010 Since then, the carefree gradually become not so in love with her smile. Till we see the piano, she began inferiority confidence. "Zheng Guigui is definitely not a simple need for compassion and charity, she need to have dignity in her own hard work and labor to harvest the fruits of their own deserve." In the eyes of the piano teacher JIANG Wei, Zheng Guigui has always been a the sun, hard work, stronger girl.Air Jordan 2009 And, he hopes there are more professional and better parties can accept, accommodate Zheng Guigui, let her in a better environment and atmosphere inside to continue their piano dreams. Now Zheng Guigui, does not mind if others look at her eyes, she wished she was admitted to a better university, in the university can continue to learn their favorite piano, playing the melody with the piano and write a song of their own the United States movement.Air Jordan 22

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