Holiday “shopping basket”test “great people “

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In order to ensure the masses Chihaohehao, Timberland Classic Bottesto celebrate the New Year holiday, around have recently issued a circular calling for two sections do a good job market supply and food safety, the relevant department heads are in-depth market inspection. Ensure that the “vegetable basket” rich, price stability, security, and the people’s voice, but also coordination and management of a holiday livelihood questions.
Business is business. During the festival, people demand for the types and quantities of food have increased. Although the basket to ensure that there is “meat fish”is not a problem,Timberland Chukka
but if you want a more diverse product, but also the relevant departments under the point of effort. If the appropriate reserve system startup, open vegetables, fresh green channel transport and so on, should do everything possible to let people add points on the table festive food, fresh food.
“Basket” rich, but also to ensure safe and reliable products, people eat at ease. Festivals, events and more public gatherings, food quality and safety is more important. Law enforcement officers must keep in mind the responsibility and mission, from the vegetable base to the farmers market, restaurants, strict inspection and testing should be carried out, according to a number of fake and shoddy products strictly punished for the good health of people off.
Manage holiday “shopping basket”, stability can not be ignored even vegetables. Price is related to the masses around the most basic livelihood issues, the level of vegetables is directly related to people’s quality of life. Holiday prices slightly higher caused increased demand is not surprising, given the widespread rise of the price trend some time ago to prevent the festival should not be ignored soaring vegetable prices. It is necessary to implement the relevant parts of the State Council to stabilize the price of the “Set Action”,Timberland Femme Bottes but also to actually take place with a strong “Freestyle”, in order to maintain reasonably stable vegetable festival. Low-income urban and rural areas, poor students in school and other special groups, local governments should take timely aid, subsidies and other measures to make their “shopping basket” is not affected.
Small “basket “, one attached to people’s lives, one attached to the income of farmers; one is the people’s earnest expectation is a heavy responsibility for those in power. I hope the “basket”can take up the “big people “, let people live a happy and peaceful holiday!Timberland Bottes haute
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