Kent, southeastern England, 40,000 dead crabs washed up on shore

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And more recently the world on many occasions the mysterious death of a large number of animals, Moncler Sweater Menabove all, thousands of starling death fall in Arkansas, then there are thousands of dead fish washed up on shore. Now, also found that more than 40,000 dead crab (also known as devil crabs) were washed the South East Kent coast.

Reported that tens of thousands of dead crabs along the Kent coastline is washed ashore, environmental experts believe that the British cold weather may have contributed to crab mortality. Crab is believed to be the coldest in 120 years the United Kingdom of 12 victims of the month, the cold weather water temperatures much lower than normal value.

British coast guard Tony Addis Seen Te Alex said: "We suspect that climate change Moncler Coats Womenand warmer weather to the coastal crab lure them into these waters may be to find the algae. We believe that a sudden drop in temperature so that the temperature crab death is too low. "

At the same time, 5 in a street in Stockholm, Sweden, discovered the bodies of 50 Jackdaws. Veterinary investigation of the incident, said the Associated Press, it is unclear the cause of death of these birds, but 4 at a discharge incident to have been fireworks. In addition to fireworks, the veterinarian, said the cold weather UGG Adirondack Talland hard to find a bird food could also be a cause of death.

Prior to this, the United States there have been several deaths of large numbers of animals. 4 450 birds fall dead in Louisiana, for unknown reasons. In the New Year's Eve, more than 3000 Red Wings starling death fall from the air Arkansas. U.S. officials admit that they may be unable to confirm the birds, the cause of death. In addition, from hundreds of miles west of the incident in the wild experts are still trying to find 100,000 dead fish washed up on the banks of reasons.Moncler Coats Men

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