Li Yu's first railway tunnel through high-risk only 2 years

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Ministry of Railways Railway as Yu Lee,  Timberland Roll Top Bottesone of five high-risk Qi Yao mountain tunnel more than 26 well through the tunnel, compared to the same mountain through Qi Yao Qi Yao-Wanzhou Railway Tunnel construction period lasted 6 years, all through the tunnel alone cost more than 2 years.

Chongqing (Chongqing) Lee (Lichuan) length of 244 km
 Timberland Pro railway, bridge and tunnel length accounted for 79.2% of the length of line, the design speed of 200 km / h, the Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu line is fast passenger important part of a major thoroughfare, is the Sichuan-Chongqing region and the eastern, central and southern China a convenient channel for the exchange of passengers and cargo.

China Railway profit of five assumed Chongqing 41.626 km long railway construction tasks, a total of 20 bridges, eight tunnels, of which more than tunnel length of 3491 meters
 Femmes Classic Argyle Knit, is located in Icheon City, Hubei Province, Wang Yingzhen, through the mountains Qi Yao the maximum depth of 364 meters, the construction of geological faults in, bedding bias, coal, gas, underground river and other adverse geology, large and small, encountered in the construction of more than 50 caves, these caves like the underground maze, extending in all directions , Li Yu, the Ministry of Railways Railway line as five high-risk tunnels.

Construction, geological conditions caused more than the tunnel attached great importance to the experts, a number of universities and research institutes, experts in geology, tunnel engineering experts have rushed to the construction site for construction pulse diagnosis. China Railway Construction Project Department of five four companies set up a "karst tunnel risk management" scientific research team to develop a "more than the tunnel suddenly water (mud) special safety construction," the "tunnel geological prediction Job Guide" and other technical support measures to ensure that the tunnel construction risk control.

To ensure progress, the iron more than 600 million of five inputs purchased from Japan RPD-150C multi-function rig, the use of the TSP geological prediction, ultrasonic detection, ground penetrating radar, seismic wave detection, infrared detection equipment and technologies such as forecasting and In the advanced long-range forecast to detection probe detection combined with the close approach to ensure risk
 Femmes UGG Adirondack IIcontrol.

The face of high-risk tunnels, four of five companies in the iron workers participating in the construction difficulties, the formation of technology research group, relying on science and technology, strengthen the field of standardized management, enhance quality and safety and, ultimately, successful than the scheduled six months ahead of schedule Bottes Ugg Ultra Tallthrough the tunnel.

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