Lonely life can lead to hypertension

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The researchers said that lonely people are more Christian Louboutin Slingbacklikely to suffer from high blood pressure. They found that long-term loneliness will make people's blood pressure gradually increased, people over the age of 50 if living alone, then 4 years later, the blood pressure increased significantly.

The first study to reveal the loneliness and the direct relationship between high blood pressure, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. Lonely people who call themselves the probability of suffering from high blood pressure than those who are satisfied with interpersonal relationships.

Christian Louboutin PompesU.S. researchers wanted to know whether the frustration and stress can lead to high blood pressure, but they found that this is only part of the reason. The University of Chicago, Louis Hardy VILLERS COTTERETS the study, said: "Tokgo itself seems to be a unique health risk factors."

She said that alone will not necessarily be living alone, and some people seem to live a full and busy, have a good social network, but they still feel lonely, lonely feeling ill towards the edge of them. Previous studies have shown, with those little compared to people who feel lonely, lonely people who feel a strong probability of suffering from Alzheimer's Christian Louboutin Sandalestwice as large.

The new study investigated the age of 50 to 68 years old 229, they are a long-term studies on the aging part of volunteers. The volunteers were asked a series of questions to determine whether they felt lonely. Volunteers were asked to evaluate a variety of topics through relationships with others, such as "people around me and have much in common," "My social relationships are superficial," and "I need to find friends."

In a period of 5 years of study, Ha Weilei found that the study initially reported loneliness and blood pressure during the study period there is a clear link between. Christian Louboutin D'orsayShe said: "After two years of high blood pressure associated with loneliness began to appear, then continue to rise until 4 years later." Published in "Psychology and Aging Science" magazine, a report showed that even with the degree of loneliness that people will be affected.

In the 4 years study, all volunteers, and most contented people on the social than most people loneliness blood pressure 14.4 mm. In the UK, over 16 million patients with hypertension, high blood pressure or heart disease, stroke and kidney failure, major risk factors. Christian Louboutin BottesMore than 140/90 mm Hg is high blood pressure. 140 is the systolic blood pressure, that is when the human heart contraction, the maximum value of arterial pressure; 90 is the diastolic blood pressure, ventricular diastolic arterial blood pressure values.

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