Mainland tour group visitors in Taitung 8 injured in a car accident caused by

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大陆旅客团游览车在台东遇车祸 致8人受伤(图)Ugg Classic Mini bottes A Continental passenger carrying tour buses 36, 25, allegedly because the driver, "Frightened and God", into a Buddha Park in Taitung County, crashed hut, 8 people were slightly injured. Source:

Taiwan, one carrying 36 suspected
Ugg Classic Argyle Knit due to tour the mainland tourists driving "disappointed God", 25, one morning into the Buddha Park in Taitung County, crashed hut, 8 people were slightly injured. Pinch said the police deal with the cold sweat, "such as driving trance 3 km ahead of fear of falling the Pacific."

Police said the van, take the morning tour the east coast of Taiwan, 11 lines, from the direction of travel to Hualien, Taitung, 10:40 Dulan
Ugg Classic Cardy bottesEast Coast urban areas after 1 km, suddenly crashed into the Buddha Park-right, crashing into a brick hut between the Buddha and several trees, street trees, front windshield was completely destroyed.

Witnessed people that frightened passengers in the car, someone shouted to explode, so he broke the window to escape jumping, "was lying on the steering wheel driving." Panic, 8 people have been cut, but fortunately no serious problem.

Initial investigations, the car 36 from Guangdong
Ugg Classic Mini bottesProvince, because of severe car crash, startled, "No one knows what happened." Song said after driving sober, "was disappointed God, a blank, until a clear impact, the head hit the windshield." 


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