Married women do not wash your hair for five days has been with her husband want to divorce can not stand

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Ugg sac a mainYesterday, a couple came to marriage registries, Jiangbei District, divorce, divorce on the grounds that his wife does not love health.

Had never been married nearly a week wash your hair, making love to clean her husband can not stand.

They came to the marriage registration office, the staff a look: While the man's leg a little lame, but the people seemed cool handsome; and the woman, the white Ugg Metallic bottescoat is not only dirty, even the slightest hair together to close together to see to long did not wash.

Staff saw two people, the feeling is not president of marriage, did not expect marriage than they thought it would be short. The couple before December 16 married.

30-year-old man Zengmou, Ningbo; 26-year-old woman Lingmou, Anhui, had been married once and later divorced,

Ugg Nightfall bottes3-year-old daughter with a husband.

Zengmou said he and Lingmou in fact know for a year. Zengmou are a school teacher, and Lingmou in his school work, to do service.

Look Lingmou a person's life is not easy, Zengmou older is also large, so 16, the two together.

Unexpectedly, life had just begun, can not stand Zengmou. "After marriage, I found that what she did not speak of Health." Cengmou said clothes aside Ugg Sundance II bottesa few days, the bath has a few days, wash out of bed all smelly.

Zengmou has also been mentioned with Lingmou recommendations can be Lingmou not listen, think this is her lifestyle, a time of difficult change, and now days so cold, no need to wash frequently.

"You look at her head, got married I did not see her washed over." Yesterday, talking about divorce, Zengmou is the look of frustration. As they had no children, property disputes, divorce proceedings run very smoothly.Ugg sac a main 


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