Naoto Kan of the Democratic Party talks broke down with Ichiro Ozawa will call a vote

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Ugg Classic Argyle Knit20 pm local time, on behalf of the Democratic Party, Ichiro Ozawa, the former Prime Minister Naoto Kan in the same out of the Prime Minister's official residence after the talks. (Kyodo News)

BEIJING, Dec. 20, according to Kyodo news agency Xinhua website reported that Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, 20, with the local representative of the Democratic Party, Ichiro Ozawa, the former residence of the Prime Minister held Ugg Classic Mini bottesa half-hour meeting, urged the House to attend a political ethics review Association. Naoto Kan told reporters after the meeting, Ozawa to their own political funding has been refused access to the judicial process does not change the attitude at the talks so broke up.

Ugg Classic Cardy bottesAccording to reports, Naoto Kan, the Ozawa said that if his refusal to attend the review meeting, "Democrats have to make a decision."

The implementation of the Ministry of the Democratic Party decided to Congress early next year before the opening of a routine call vote on the issue Ozawa, and the last party election has exposed the "anti-pro-Ichiro Ozawa VS" The party will usher in a decisive confrontation scene. Ichiro out of the Prime Minister's office remained silent when.

Ozawa, Secretary General Katsuya Okada has expressly refused to attend the review meeting of political ethics.

Naoto Kan, Ozawa in talks on political funding, said: "It would have a negative impact on Congress and elections. I hope you stand up to consider the position of the party."UGG Bailey Button Triplet

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