New York welcome a wide range of snow again

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Christian Louboutin Pompes New York City starting the evening of 11 Heavy snow again, this is New York City has been three weeks since Christmas, the third facing the heavy snowfall.

Snow from 11 at 9 pm local time, accompanied by strong winds of 40 kilometers per hour, with snowfall of 12 to leave New York at noon. According to meteorological data in New York as of 12 noon, New York's Central Park, 22 cm thick snow.
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After the advent of the first snow storm due to inadequate and often-criticized New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, facing the snow lightly. The evening of 11 from 7 pm local time to announce the city into the "weather emergency", to 12 at 6 pm. During this time, the trailer can be any snow blocking the road or obstruct the work of the vehicles towed vehicle, the cost borne by the owner.

New York City's 365 salt trucks,
Christian Louboutin Slingbacksnow trucks embattled 1700. Brooklyn, New York City is still the 50 snow vehicle positioning device installed to track cars and the first report on snow conditions. Bloomberg also suggested that people try to choose public transport travel.

Since the work of prepared snow, the snow did not cause too much public transportation in New York City influence, there was no case of a large area of late. All the city's public schools are also usual.

Bloomberg, 12, told a news conference on the city's rapid and timely
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