Parrots hidden gardens mimic alarm homeowners crazy almost

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鹦鹉潜伏花园模仿报警器 几乎把房主逼疯(图)

Dovon recently was an owner of the abnormal sound in the house endure restless,Sandales Manolo Blahnik she checked around, and even the washing machine is also out of view, but also find the mechanics, doubt the smoke alarm in the ring, but in the end that turned out to be a days of lurking in the back garden parrots at work.

25-year-old Shanna Sexton said she has been the sound of this strange confusion disturbed, Chaussures Yves Saint Laurent until finally found an African gray parrot imitating the alarm sounds.

Sammi only mischievous parrot from its owner, 38-year-old Louise Ledger had run away out from the Sexton's house is only half a mile away. Ledger spend hours each day to find her beloved pet, or even posted in the area near the birds to find inspiration.

"I had seen Louise's inspiration, so when I found out soon after the bird told her", Sexton said Miss. "Helping others is really gratifying to see the bird when she was just very excited."

Bottes Yves Saint Laurent Sammi-year-old Ledger has been and owner and her children lived together for two years.

Louise said: "Sammi first morning back, it went down the stairs I said, 'Good morning!', I think, how much I miss this feeling, ah." She also said that Ms. Sexton to give a large bouquet of flowers to express gratitudeYves Saint Laurent

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