Polls show Americans are not optimistic about the prospects for next year

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2010 will soon end, a UGG Bailey Button Triplet poll released Wednesday showed that Americans are the prospects for the upcoming 2011 does not feel too optimistic. Many people still in employment, living standards and retirement security, worried.

Conducted by the pew research center of the poll, three-quarters of Americans polled are dissatisfied with the country's current situation. Nearly half of respondents were worried that the U.S. economy also requires a longer time Ugg Bailey Button bottes before they can recover.

The survey was conducted this month to fifth conducted telephone interviews across the country with a total of fifteen hundred adults.

Every ten respondents described the United States, nearly nine current economic situation "bad" or "ordinary." However, views on the economy from "bad" to "normal" ratio in a slight increase since October.

Looking ahead, fifty-five percent of respondentsUGG Amelie Bottes believe that 2011 will be better than this year, but Thirty percent of respondents thought that next year will be worse than this year.

This result reflects that more and more Americans are pessimistic about the future. In contrast, when a similar survey conducted last year that good in 2010 than in 2009, the number of ratios as high as sixty-seven%. bottes ugg

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