R & D to teach English Korean robot named Time Magazine Invention 50

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The morning of December 27, South Korea's robot researchTimberland bottes assistant's formal entry into primary school teaching English. The robot has recently been "Time " as "the world's 50 best 2010 invention of"one.

According to reports, Daegu in South Korea ting ting primary hole "English Zone ", the robot "EngKe" (English and Key of the compound word) responsible for teaching children English. A third-grade male student said, "together with the robot more interesting classes, learning is also very interesting. "

English Teaching Robot "EngKe" is configured in the Daegu area Timberland Work Bottesafter school, 21 primary school curriculum, guidance until March next year English course. This is the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and local governments and authorities spent 1.5 billion 87 million won, the 29 robots used in teaching demonstration projects.

"EngKe" is to integrate the pronunciation of education and educational function of the original video one of the robot. It recently in the "Times" was named "2010 Outstanding Invention of the World 50. "

This robot has two functions, remote teaching (Telepresence) robots and robot self-discipline. Lecturers teaching the robot by remote operation of the movement,Timberland Roll Top Bottes the face on the screen (Avatar) will appear on the face frown or blink. Self-robot play the role is to help teachers teach. They will enter the teaching materials have been taught to students, can guide the students words, sentences, pronunciation and conversation and English games.

According to reports, this robot is very expensive, for each 10 million won (about 50,000 yuan). Moreover, it increases the need for students to recognize that the function of the sentenceTimberland Waterproof

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