Respite places not to be missed--Costa Rica

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As with Barnabas, Costa Rica has also been the North American patients of all ages. The service here is a low price, known for high levels of medical standards. UGG Enfants The reception of medical tourists in 2006 reached 15 million, mainly dental and cosmetic surgery. The overall cost is half than the United States. The country's political situation is stable, well-educated and have a favorable policies to encourage foreign investment.

UGG Evera ShoesCosta Rica coastline of 1,200 km. Two-fifths of the territory of the plateau and mountain area, a low height and narrow mountain ranges originated in Nicaragua between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific, formed in the central and southern high, rocky volcano. Big Chirripo mountain peak, 3,820 meters above sea level. UGG Femmes CoquetteMainly in the Caribbean coastline a piece of swamp, savanna in the Pacific side is, and then they gradually turned into a swamp south, cut off the mountains on both sides of the river flow to the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Costa Rica land area of 50,000 square kilometers, a population of about 400 million, Spanish is the official language, English can be common. Roman Catholicism. 14 hours later than Beijing time difference. Their National Day is Sept. 15. Costa Rican currency is the krona. As forest cover, a wide range of wild animals, so enjoy the "Wildlife Garden" in the world.
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