Russia's governor, said the president of a party to get that live earthworms send pictures confirmed

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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev by the micro-blog site "Twitter", a claim to the dishes found in the Kremlin, local officials gave that earthworms "Happy Birthday." Tver State Governor Air Jordan 6 Rings Lenin previous "Twitter," posted to it, and claim to participate in the Kremlin last month, found its share of a party there is a worm salad. "Even if the Kremlin would happen. As a side dish of beef, a salad of live earthworms." Dispensed Zelie Ning to give this picture shows that there is a salad plate about 10 cm long earthworm. Dmitry Medvedev on Zelie Ning's "worm story," quite the impressionAir Jordan 18 in the hope that the official in the micro-blog "insect bite." This is a Russian proverb, meaning "to reduce appetite." The Kremlin on October 12 for the visiting German President Christian Wulff held a reception. By Zelie Ning said, he was eating dinner in that a "worm salad." However, the authenticity of this picture by the Russian authorities questioned. Russian government spokesman lebron james jerseys(Miami heat)husband said initial investigations revealed that photographs show the position and the party decorations and party the day does not match the actual situation. If you identify the official fabricated this story, the authorities may pursue legal responsibilities to him. air Jordan Trunner Q4

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