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Most cats enjoy the freedom of moving around, Nike Air Max 90hate to be constrained in a narrow environment. However, Russia has a very special cat's habit, always like to squeeze into the glass jar.

According to foreign media reports, the only female cat Ming Jiaoke off Lisa, Colorado, according to the owner through introduction of a new born kitten when pushed closed space like the inside, one day she heard an unusual sound kitchen , ran over to see the results could not believe their eyes - the grams of whole body off of Shakespeare drill yard glass jars.  Nike Air Max 93

俄小猫嗜好独特 爱钻玻璃罐子众人称奇(图)

Lufthansa pushed off like kittens gram jar

In fact, at the beginning it is a special cat, very naughty cute, always like to hide in different places. But do not worry about grams off of Shakespeare s hard to squeeze into the jar,   Nike Air Max 87or can not climb out. The caliber of the bottle for the kitten, it does not seem a big problem.

According to Web of Science ( to understand, Do not look at this hairy little guy seems crowded in the pot could not move, in fact, it does not feel uncomfortable. From the outside perspective, it seems difficult to come out, but in fact it does not look so great, simply because it's the hair too much. So maybe it is not narrow the bottle.

Early last year, the owner began to g off Colorado Shakespeare through take pictures and send to the network, this Funny cat like because it is such a strange hobby, has now swept the network.   Nike Air Max 2010

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