Spanish government to develop a large program to attract Chinese tourists

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Spanish Industry, Tourism and Commerce Minister Jimmy Choo SandalesChristian 10, said the Spanish government will be in March to launch a massive plan to attract Chinese tourists, the project hopes to further open the Chinese market, so that more The Chinese people understand Spanish to Spanish sightseeing.

Sebastian the day in Madrid of Industry, Tourism and the Ministry of Commerce Building, an interview with Xinhua, stressed that "China's travel plans to go to the West" will be the Spanish government in 2010 following the worldwide Manolo Blahnik Bottes success of the "I need to Spain "after the travel plans and a huge tourism promotion measures.

He said that in 2010 there were 10 million Chinese people travel to Spain, an increase of more than 1,000 people in 2009. Spain hoped that in 2020 received 1 million Chinese tourists.

Sebastian pointed out that, due to customs and rest at different times, the Spanish tourism sector will be particularly developed recipes for Chinese tourists, such as meal time and visit, and in order to avoid the effect of language barriers affect the tour, Spain will enhance the training will Chinese-speaking tour guides, such as the recruitment of Chinese people living in Spain as tour guides. Jimmy Choo Slingbacks

Spain 2010 the number of tourists and tourism revenues have increased the gratifying situation, the year received 53 million foreign tourists, up 1.4% over the previous year, tourism revenue of 490 million euros, up 2.5% in 2009 . This is the Spanish tourism revenue for the first time in nearly 10 years, gross domestic product to occupy an important position.

Louis Vuitton Sac Toile Monogram"In the shadow of the economic crisis is not over when the Spanish able to achieve good momentum of development of tourism, mainly relying on policies and measures in place to help visitors feel at home," Sebastian said, "Spain's foreign visitors last year, 83% of repeat customers. "

December 1, 2009 "Lisbon Treaty" entered into force, the European Union for the first time written to the file in its integration of the tourism aspects, the EU underlines the importance of the tourism industry, to a certain extent, to promote regional tourism. In addition, last year in the first half of Spain holds the EU rotating presidency, also the tourism industry to develop. Meanwhile, the Spanish government formulated a series of relevant policies and measures to guide the sustainable development of tourism, Louis Vuitton Sac Portefeuillesuch as "Tomorrow the Spanish" programs, called energy saving, rational use of energy, promote the use of renewable energy, encourage recycling Po and repairing monuments, for which the Spanish Government in 2010 invested about 4 billion euros in the implementation of the 17 autonomous regions and related items 6800.

In addition, football, basketball, car racing and other sports is also a tourism marketing strategy for the Spanish brand. Spain in 2011 will launch a new social network online marketing activities, football, basketball, car racing star of recommended tourist destinations in Spain, the Spanish government that this is one of the most effective marketing measures. Louis Vuitton Sac Toile Damier

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