Study found that children of pregnant women diet led to a decline in IQ after

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"The United States National Academy of Sciences" published a new study shows thatUGG Knightsbridge mothers diet will lead to lower future child IQ and behavior problems increased the risk.

A new U.S. study found that the first half of pregnancy reduce the intake of key nutrients and calories will hinder the normal development of fetal brain. The researchers said that although it is concluded that animal experiments, but the results also apply to women, pregnant women, unhealthy diet to the next generation must have a lifelong negative impact.

New study leader Dr. Thomas McDonaldUGG Jimmy Choo Starlit, the new study further suggests that to maintain health and good diet during pregnancy is important. Poor diet during pregnancy may affect fetal organs (especially brain) normal development, the negative impact on children will linger for life, such as reduced IQ, behavioral problems more and more.

A number of earlier studies have shown that a diet during pregnancy crazy, famine and food shortages will be harmful to normal fetal development. But the new study looked at Britain and the United States "moderate diet" pregnant women.

The researchers compared the San Antonio,UGG Jimmy Choo SoraTexas Primate Research Center, the two groups of female baboons. A group of baboons in the first half of pregnancy, eat all you want. Another group of pregnant baboons were 30% less food. The researchers said that lack of nutrition can affect fetal brain cells communicate with each other, thus changing the performance of hundreds of genes, many genes involved in cell growth and development.

The researchers called for better not to diet during pregnancy to affect maternal and child health, UGG Jimmy Choo Mandahand teenage mothers and older mothers diet during pregnancy will be even greater harm.

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