Switzerland stands for joint management of water resources in the Middle East peace

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Swiss Confederation Sandales Manolo Blahnik  m - Rey 10 in Geneva that "Blue Peace: Rethinking the Middle East water resources," the report stressed the joint management of water resources could become a tool for peace in the Middle East, claims to carry out "diplomatic blue "to promote Middle East peace.

Swiss President pointed out that the division of water resources and the current tensions in the Middle East one of the factors, but it can become a tool for peace and cooperation. This is the core of the report content.

The report by the Swiss and the Swedish government-funded and commissioned India's strategic vision of the Group to complete.

Bottes Yves Saint Laurent The report analyzes cross-border management of water resources in the Middle East the main challenge, made 10 recommendations, and stands for the sustainable management of transboundary water resources, and promote regional peace and reduce conflict.

Report recent proposal is to strengthen regional cross-border cooperation in water resources management, set up in 2011 by Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, five-nation regional water cooperation committee, responsible for determining the common concept of water resource management, institutions and
Yves Saint Laurent model for water resource management cross-border cooperation within the region. Medium-term proposal is related to countries to develop co-management of water resources planning, so as to really promote the "blue peace" process.

Report, the Middle East is facing unprecedented pressure water, life and the people of the region under threat of economic activity. Population growth, migration, urbanization and climate change seriously affect local water resources. 50 years, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, many rivers flow decreased by 50% to 90%.
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Sustainable management of transboundary water resources for agriculture, drinking water and socio-economic development is essential to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and to promote peace.
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