Thames water level rising British government proposed a giant floodgate

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 Nike Zoom BB IIAccording to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po," 29 reported that the water level in the River Thames in London continue to rise, the City of London is facing the threat of flooding. In view of this, the British government intends to build a giant Thames flood gates, and enhance all of its flood control facilities.

Environmental Protection Agency warned that the Thames water levels rise, but the English south-east of England is slowly settling down, which means that the water level of the River Thames in
 Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 premium2100 will rise an average of almost 3 feet, and the emergence of high tide the water level will be higher during a thunderstorm.

EPA proposed that the existing locks in the next 25 years can only be protected against flood damage the City of London should be considered starting from about 2070 to build the new locks. British Government intends to ratify the existing Thames flood gates 9 miles downstream of the location, construction of new giant locks.

In addition to the construction of new locks, the river should upgrade all of the flood control facilities, including nine smaller locks, gates 240 and 200 miles of seawall. These new facilities to the current prices, the estimated cost of 9 billion pounds.
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