U.S. 32-year-old man won the drag queen contest winner

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David Hylander (right) and his women's appearance (left).


Louis Vuitton Sac Collection Sai 2011, the United States "drag queen" competition event at local time 16, held in Atlanta, and finally, with a charming black hair, body packs installed Leopard "beauty" Kitty? West Perth (Kitty Hiccups) beat the other seven participating who won the crown.

"Beauty" Kitty? West Perth (Kitty Hiccups) is a 32-year-old man, formerly known as David? Highlands (David Hyland), graduated from the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The role of Kitty in the makeup he is active in stage performances in New York nightclubs like to share with everyone happy and interested in travel,  Louis Vuitton Sac Damier Graphitbut also for public institutions engaged in volunteer service.

"Drag queen" competition will be held since 1993, fixed in the selection of Miss America will be held the day after.

90th Session of the "Miss America" competition in Las Vegas City 15 ended. From Nebraska, only 17-year-old Teresa SCANNELL London over the other nine finalists,Louis Vuitton Sac Damier Azur won the title and won $ 50,000 prize, becoming the youngest Miss America.

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