U.S. polls show the Democratic Party ticket bunker two years, more than half of reduced

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Latest polls show the United States, from 2008 to 2010, Nike Air Max 180 the state Democratic Party firmly supports the ruling party reduced from 30 to 14, so that the Democratic Party ticket bunker dropped more than half in two years.

Initiated by the authorities Gallup survey showed strong support for the Democratic Party in 2008 over 30 states, the Democrats in these states support for the Republican Party at least 10 percentage points ahead,   Nike Air Max 87but then the ticket bunker began to drain down until the year 2010 14, "shrunk" by more than half.

The loss of the state Democratic Party, 9 states into the state tend to support the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party's leadership has been less than 10 percentage points, but still higher than 5 percentage points; six states to "swing states", that is Democratic and Republican support for a difference of less than 5 percentage points, while New Hampshire Republicans were "defection" from the Democrats   Nike Air Max 2010tend to support the Republican ticket bunker into the state.

As for the two parties not to shake the ticket bunker, firm support of the Democratic Party is still concentrated in the northeastern states, including Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, etc., firmly supports the Republican Party is concentrated in the central and western states, including Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

According to Gallup introduced, since the relevant investigation was launched in 2008, the agency interviewed in the two years 50 states throughout the United States more than 35 million adults, were asked about their party ownership.   Nike Air Max 2003If the respondents said they are moderate or non-partisan, they will be further asked tend to support the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

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