U.S. ski cable car by strong winds turned 6 injured

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Tram number of cars were blown away, causing more than tourists from  UGG Tassel Shortsthe ground from an altitude of 9-12 m fall, more than 100 passengers stranded.

Strong winds led to the ski slopes of some mountain cableway cable car overturned on the Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine, 28 ski hit a strong wind, a mountain cable car overturning some cable, resulting in more than 100 people were trapped, 6 people were injured. To the afternoon, trapped have all rescued. Maine Government has embarked on the incident investigation.

Sugarloaf ski resort  UGG Tall Roxy Bootis the largest ski resort in Maine. Heavy snow the Northeast recently, many places are sunny, 28, is a good time to ski.

28 morning, about 220 tourists take the cable car up the mountain, during which encountered strong winds. Tram number of cars were blown away, causing more than tourists from the ground from an altitude of 9-12 m fall, more than 100 passengers stranded. Ski said in a statement released later, about six tourists were injured, not life threatening.

Gray City Southern Maine, a weather balloon measured monitoring data show that, when the wind speed is about 60 kilometers per hour.

 UGG Stripe Cable KnitJay Marshall was a ski instructor in the resort on another cable. He told the Associated Press, a burst of loud noises, people began to scream. "It (the cable) up and down like a yo-yo as shaking, some tourists fell from the chair."

Statement by a spokesman for the resort, the staff has been transferred five stranded tourists, other visitors will be rescued within hours.

Sugarloaf Mountain the day temperature of -13 ℃. In the past few days have been snowstorms, mountain snow thickness of 50 cm. Female tourist visitors Rebecca one of London is falling. She said that because there is no clear cable ski beneath the snow, she landed a soft landing. "Thank God, they did not clean it last night (snow)," London said,UGG Sheepskin Cuff"very soft snow."

London's face hit the barrier, but fortunately wearing goggles, so her from serious injury. According to London's argument, the majority of visitors fall in good condition. The resort staff rushed to the scene after the incident a few minutes, to treat the wounded. Some of the wounded are sent to neighboring Farmington Franklin Hospital.

Franklin Hospital, said spokeswoman Jill Gray, a first-aid room is treated the wounded, another injured have been transferred to Maine Medical Center in Portland. Hospitals will also receive several other wounded. Gray did not disclose further details.

Maine government investigators to investigate the incident immediately. According to local officials, this two-way cable length of about 1220 meters, almost  UGG Suburb Crochet Peak. Cable put into use in 1975, modified in 1983. Maine industry and financial management officials said Doug Dunbar, now do not know the accident was caused by mechanical failure resulting in high winds. He confirmed that the previous cable operator through the inspection and obtain permission


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