United States, said: New technology to help west of the country found that "big oil"

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U.S. Department of Energy recently announced by the country's oil exploration and development of new technology in North Dakota, Colorado, Texas and California,CANAPA found the reserves in many parts of the rich, "big oil." If the above is true, will reverse the past 20 years, the United States has been in a decline in crude oil production status of the situation.

U.S. oil company, said by 2015, the day of new oil fields produce crude oil will exceed 200 million barrels, more than the total production of oil is now the Gulf Coast. Thus, in the next 10 years, U.S. crude oil imports may be so reduced by half or more. This is the United States to ensure their own security of energy supplies is very beneficial. However, this new technology may adversely affect the environment.

Informed sources, in order to be hidden under the rocks in the oil and gas resources tapped. Vertical wells drilled team first, then horizontal boring, and finally to the rocks by means of irrigation will be a special gas "forced" out. To a greater density of crude oil extracted, the workers carved the rock to more cracks, Sac Prada Homme and chemical methods for crude oil will take the "purification" work.

Environmentalists worry, only the process in the open water into the ground may eventually valuable source of human contamination. However, EPA believes that the technology in the development of shallow oil resource is safe. In addition, new technology large quantities of crude oil pumped out of the existing oil pipeline has been unable to meet the needs of large U.S. oil companies had to train with tanker cars of crude oil to refineries and processing.

sacs à main Prada  With the development of oil fields, North Dakota, the unemployment rate will remain at 3.8% or less, while the overall U.S. unemployment rate up to 9%. In the oil industry to flourish at the same time, an interesting news started circulating in North Dakota. Local man shot, a large number of foreign male workers were attracted to the oil industry after marrying local women may result in "short supply."

Now that oil prices, and much higher than the price of natural gas, it has attracted many oil companies competing to develop. United States claims, with the development of the Gulf of Mexico offshore oil and oil sands in Canada compared to the cost, the "check oil water" technology for oil extraction process is more "cheap." However, as these crude oil production is not "amazing" and therefore little effect on oil prices down. epaule/de la Croix-corpsU.S. oil production has been growing steadily for a few years and reached its peak in 1970. At that time oil production is 960 million barrels. Since then, U.S. oil production has slowed down the pace, by 2008, oil production fell to 500 million barrels.

At current crude oil prices, crude oil production of these new fields will allow the United States annually save about 175 billion U.S. dollars of crude oil import bills. In 2010, the U.S. spent on crude oil imports in 2600 U.S. dollars, which is causing huge trade deficit the United States (5000 billion U.S. dollars) one of the important reasons SPAZZOLATO

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