Wuhan school boards "bad hair" named "very shocking"

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UGG Gypsy Sandal "Nervous breakdown type", "fraud-type", "street money Barber-type" ... ... Jiangxia II campus in the publicity field, the 12 men and women hand-painted map of Abnormal hair neatly arranged in one, not only painting was quite naive, The name of the classification of hair is for many students feelAir Jordan 21 "very shocking."

Not long ago, two members of the public see Mr Liu in Jiangxia school bulletin boards to post a "bad hair Daquan campus." 12 poor boys and girls hand-painted map neatly arranged hair which was quite naive painting, at first glance thought it was high school students graffiti exhibition.
Air Jordan 22 More "Ray" is the school of hair that was the name of these, such as "nervous breakdown type", "fraud-type", and "self-made 'cross-eye' type disfigured type", "adult women aging-type" "stray hair type money", etc. (see right).

Xiaoliao think, "hair of the teacher is indeed
UGG Classic Cardy 5819 in place, does cover a lot of high school students currently popular hairstyle." But he believes that in the school bulletin boards on display in this way, "bad hair school", people feel "very serious."

Office of the Wu Jiang Xia II, said in September
Air Jordan 23 this year, new semester, the school set the panels, display panels are from the legend on the hair of a post on the Internet to download, display purpose is to enable students to strictly abide by the "Student Code of Practice. " Wu said, "Since the show a bad haircut, the students could not help to control their own hair, bad hair once and detached themselves feel embarrassed, the school than ever to take the simple didactic approach useful." Panels on billboards The theme and content will be  UGG Classic Short 5825 replaced from time to time.

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