Yingjiang of Yunnan earthquake caused 9.74 million people were affected thousands of houses damaged

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Reporter relief from the Yingjiang Leading Group Office that,  UGG Suburb Crochetas at 12:00 on January 2nd, Yunnan Dehong Yingjiang "1.1" population of 9.74 million people affected by the earthquake, emergency transfer of more than 85,600 people, damaged 104 houses Ten thousand, which severely damaged 1604, collapsed one. Currently no casualties.

At 15:31 on January 1st, 2011, Yingjiang Plains 4.6 earthquake occurred in the town, focal depth 10 km, the county in general have felt. 07 the next day when the 33 minutes and 34 seconds, the county town of Plain, earthquake recurrence 4.8, focal depth 10 km, generally felt in the county, the county town of earthquakes on people and property caused some damage.

After the earthquake,
 UGG Stripe Cable Knit  Yingjiang County Commission promptly launched the emergency plan, and set up a leading group for disaster reduction, set up a disaster relief headquarters office, set up a disaster investigation and verification team to monitor, eliminate dangerous group, the affected people relocated group, social security group 8 working groups, etc., all departments at all levels to strengthen coordination, balance and coordination, make every effort to earthquake disaster relief.

At 8:00 on January 2, Yingjiang County Party Committee Secretary Wang Ming Shan earthquake relief work on the explicit requirements to require all division-level leadership cadres promptly rushed to the township related to verify the situation and guide relief work of the township, to do the work of the masses of the stable . Ming Shan pointed
 UGG Sheepskin Cuffout that the thinking and understanding is not in place, working poor, resulting in serious errors or mistakes in the work to be severe against those responsible accountable.

Preliminary statistics, as at 12:00 on January 2, Yingjiang "1.1" number of households affected by the earthquake more than 37,200 households, population of 97,400 people affected, emergency transfer of more than 85,600 people, 15,000 more than three non-officers. Damaged 6,531 houses, damaged 10,400 between the number of which severely damaged 1604, the collapse of one (which is the second breakout 5 teams Yingjiang farm office).  
UGG Sandra BootsDisaster is related statistics.

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