Einstein's portrait from his grandfather granddaughter did not complain about the benefits of the right to use

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CNN reported that according to Einstein's granddaughter Evelyn Einstein,Bottes Manolo Blahnik recently complained that his grandfather's portrait was printed in many souvenirs or toys, with annual sales revenues of several million dollars, but does paid nothing.

Reported that Evelyn suffering from cancer, aged 69, needed more money to treatment. She said that those beneficiaries grandfather Albert Einstein source of wealth,Manolo Blahnik D'Orsays but they are too stingy to treat the descendants of Albert Einstein, which made her very angry.

Died in 1955, Einstein manuscript 75000 copyright and other assets donated to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Evelyn's accusations against the university said in a statement, "Einstein all his intellectual property, including literary assets, personal manuscripts,Escarpins Manolo Blahnik including portraits of the right to use is left to the Hebrew University." Statement added that the use of Einstein's portrait all the proceeds are used for scientific research.

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