Henan migrant workers provided by the relevant departments failed pay talks advance

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UGG Jimmy Choo StarlitYesterday afternoon, the provincial government held a provincial New Year's Day and Spring Festival period to pay wages for migrant workers protection of television and telephone conference, asked the province to build around the area to be labor-intensive enterprises and small and medium manufacturing enterprises as the key, so the New Year and Spring Festival period almost no wages for migrant workers in arrears, arrears of wages for migrant workers involved in labor dispute cases before the Spring Festival in 2011 basically gone through.

Given no wages, the relevant departments to give first aid

Yesterday's meeting revealed that, as UGG Jimmy Choo Soraof the end of November 2010, this year, the province's total labor security supervision organs at all levels, to accept migrant workers to report complaints and policy advice to 38,000, 194,000 people involved in migrant workers, a total of 116,500 migrant workers recover wages 230 million yuan.

Discuss how to help migrant workers to pay? One way the provincial government is to play the role of wage payment security system, namely, the enterprise paid wage arrears of wages deposit to guarantee the timely payment of wages to spend. While other companies unable to pay because of difficulties in production and management wages, arrears for a long time, involving large amountsUGG Jimmy Choo Mandah, sometimes can not be solved, and business owners Wages abscond, take the initiative to coordinate the relevant departments working capital and other channels through emergency funds, some are paid in advance wages, or to give migrant workers were owed wages living assistance necessary to help them solve problems in life.

Outstanding payments in the real estate business is no longer grant UGG Femmes Tasmina

Outstanding payments business, "consequences" is very serious. Government requirements, wage arrears for migrant rural workers in the construction sector more focused on the failure to pay the wage protection fund required projects will not issue construction permits. Problems with outstanding payments on real estate development companies, will not be allowed to approve development and construction of its new projects and procedures for handling land use. UGG Femmes Kensington

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