U.S. boy suffering from rare diseases flow “blood and tears” look over the doctors to no avail

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美男孩患罕见病症流“血泪” 看遍名医无果(图)

Ugg Bailey Button bottes 17-year-old American boy Calvino Inman suffered in the past two years, a strange situation: continuous bleeding eyes frequently, sometimes for an hour. To this end, Inman received a variety of inspection, no cancer diagnosis, the lacrimal gland problems or genetic defects. However, the circumstances of his doctors are confused.

Last year, the media have reported Inman disease. HamiltonUGG Bailey Button Triplet American ophthalmologist, said he might be suffering from a tear hyperlipidemia (Haemolacria), this disease is one in a million chance. 16, a television documentary broadcast in the United States to introduce such a world, only a few people with the disease.

Inman said: “My eyes often bloody, whether in school or at home. I do not know how in the end. And when the tears flow from the eyes, there are waves of burning feeling. Then felt someone hit with a Ugg Classic Cardy bottes hammer I left the head. “he said, until today,” People still think I’m possessed by. ”

His mother worried about her son: “We saw from New York to Atlanta 15 eye specialists, and these doctors have no way.” Currently, she is seeking the help of overseas experts.

In addition to the boy, this kind of a strange situation also occurred in India, a 27-year-old woman who Bem, tears shed blood has madeUgg Classic Tall bottes her very weak.

Three years ago, Boehm has experienced a burst of intense vomiting and headache, the eyes started to bleed.

Medical Science Center in New Delhi, India with the help of Boehm after a series of tests. Doctors found that her eyes, stomach pain and bleeding related.

It is reported that doctors in Tennessee are looking for other similar cases related to contact.

U.S. UGG Femmes Halendi Eye Center doctors  Hamilton said: “Usually this situation with the growth and lacrimal gland defects, many people experience a few months or years of bloodshed, the symptoms will suddenly disappear. “

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