U.S. classified documents broke the news: the CIA recruit Nazi war criminals cover

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Ugg Classic Argyle Knit 5879A World War II the U.S. government's 600-page secret history of the Justice Department report revealed the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), that the United States as Germany's Nazi war criminals and accomplices of the "safe haven", even knowing that these people have done in the past, still UGG Classic Mini 5854 recruit them and provide them with asylum.

"The New York Times" revealed that more than 20 listed in the report of the notorious Nazi war criminals, the United States 30 years after recruitment activities; and describes how to deal with domestic and overseas U.S. Nazi war criminals, triggering a dispute with other countries.

The report mentions, CIA officials who helped the Nazis in 1954, a confidant of former senior officials Aikman Pod Swinburne, also helped launch a "cleansing the German Jews," the history of the preliminary plan Pod temperature, post-war work by the CIA to recruit to the United States. CIA officials have debated over the past Pod Swinburne Ruopi asked them how
UGG Metallic Short 5842to deal with, should be completely denied that the relationship between him and the Nazis, or the "extenuating circumstances to explain."

UGG Classic Short 5825History of the United States Department of Justice that Bode temperature associated with the Nazis, the attempt to deport him in 1981, 72-year-old in the same year he died.

The report also
UGG Classic Cardy 5819 mentioned the case of Rudolph. Rudolph was a Nazi scientist, responsible for Nazi Germany to a military factory. He specializes in manufacture of rockets, the United States was to recruit Nazi scientists and is implementing the "paperclip Action" (Operation Paperclip), results in 1945 through the action to Rudolph to the United States.

Ministry of Justice in 1949, a memorandum, urged immigration officials to sojourn in Mexico, Rudolph back to the United States, or "will harm U.S. interests." Rudolf in the United States to help develop the rocket, won NASA (NASA) recognition, also known as the American Saturn V launch vehicle (Saturn V Rocket) father.

Over the past
UGG Classic Tall 5812 four years the Ministry of Justice has refused to make public the report, but in private research organizations, "U.S. National Archives security" threat litigation only after deleting most of the legal and diplomatic sensitive information, to provide "a very stripped-down version." The report also refers to the Nazis after World War II into the U.S., certainly less than the official quoted a million people.UGG Classic Tall 5815

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